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We are aware our customers like to buy, not be sold, from those they like and trust. When you meet us for the first time know that it is the beginning of a relationship. We understand the importance of providing value up front and fostering a working relationship down the road. 


Get to know our team and follow us on our media outlets to see the latest news and knowledge you can use to help benefit your operation.  You will see our mission for constant improvement and great use of resources. 


Speed can make or break our day depending on the demands that are created. Digitech understands the importance of a timely response and has made it a mission to quickly provide you with desired information. Contact Digitech for timely yet speedy follow ups with solutions to your questions. 


Years of industry experience helps Digitech serve our customers with trusted knowledge and insightful suggestions. If you haven't already met our resources team reach out and we will bring them by with lunch to help introduce ourselves and answer questions around your latest project. 


Beldens history stretches as far back as 1902... Eaton power and B-line pathway is another industry giant leading the way in power and pathway. Each of our manufactures is equipped with knowledgeable resources and are available to meet in order to get the best advice straight from the source. Check out our team and contact us with any questions. 

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